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Encoding options for different platforms…

Whilst most UK video producers can now film on HD cameras, many still do not edit and deliver in full HD format. Our start to finish, full 1080i broadcast quality High Definition helps future-proof your video against advances in technology, consumer equipment and also offers greater flexibility to more delivery platforms.

Delivering high quality viewing requires precise and complex encoding that varies for, and even within, each platform.

We offer a range of solutions:

  * Discs: DVD , High Definition & Blu-Ray
  * Web: Flash, Windows, QuickTime, Real Media, H264
  * Uploads for: You Tube & Vimeo
  * Smartphones & Tablets: Android & Apple
  * Loops: Exhibition & In Store Point of Sale
  * Conference & events: Overhead projection & Plasma

High Definition Blu-ray videoDVD video
Advanced Video Code High Definition
Flash videoWindows MediaQuickTimeReal MediaH264 Codec
You Tube HD & SD uploadVimeo HD & SD upload
Smartphones & Tablets: Android & Apple Loops: Exhibition & In Store Point of sale
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